Philly Native Seeks Revenge on His Life With the Help of Khloe’...

Philly Native Seeks Revenge on His Life With the Help of Khloe’ Kardashian


Sunday, January 7, 2018 on E! Network 10pm EST. Many viewers are locked in and ready to follow the Hard Knock Life story of the Philadelphia native, 28 year old Ken Butler. Ken has a story that is more than just revenge, but a testimony of a new chapter in his life titled “Second Chances.” Ken struggled with the passing of both of his parents, a heartbreaking stories of survival and pushing through incarceration, court battles and major issues with the Law from writing a series of bad checks to survive and camouflage his truth. I had the opportunity to speak with Ken about his journey, his lessons learned and his new perspective on life. This conversation with Ken was rewarding to hear he is now at peace with a clear understanding that we do not have any mistakes in life, we just gain valuable lessons.

Everyone hits their own point they consider “rock bottom.’ At what point did you look at yourself in the mirror and say “I have had enough!”?

During the Time I was working at Sweet Green in Ardmore, PA. I saw season 1 of Revenge Body with Khloe’ Kardashian.

I was at this time sleeping on the floor at my best friends’ house and trying to get to works every day in order to pay off all of my court fees. This was a very low time for me. I was traveling from Wyncote, PA to Ardmore on the bus and the travel was roughly 3 hours to get to work. I was working double shifts at the time. I was not doing anything creative, I was just working so I could repay all my debt and fees. At this point, I was going through depression. I was feeling discouraged. It just felt during this time I would never get to where I need to be to pay back what was owed. Feeling this depression was when I realized I have had enough.

I am sure after the season airs, people will focus on the mistakes you have made. They will have strong opinions about your life as if they have never made one mistake in life. If there is one person that REALLY needed to hear your explanation of the choices you’ve made these past years who would you tell?

No one! I don’t feel like a have an explanation to anyone but I would say I have a testimony. I believe I have a testimony that will help people.

On the Preview of Revenge Body with Khloe’ Kardashian on E! Network, you were asked who you would like to get revenge on during this process. You stated your life. Such a profound statement. Why your life Ken?

This is what I felt. My entire life has been filled with problems. Many people on the show just focused on one situation, from being bullied or feeling down. It was different for me. I have had a very complex and difficult life. At any time you can pick an age and I can share a difficult situation. I can remember being in the basement taking care of my mom. Out of all of my siblings, I was the only one that stepped up to the plate. As a kid, I took care of my mother since she had Lupus. I can think of the time during my life when my mom passed away, I’m trying to get on Revenge Body with Khloe’ Kardashian. During this time I was sleeping on my best friends’ floor, dealing with court situations and traveling 3 hours one way to work via bus to get to work. As I shared, you can pick an age during my life. For me, revenge was not just on one particular person, it was my life because it was in shambles.

Ken, why did you opt to tell your truth, and expose your life on national television knowing it could very well be so much negative press to follow? Why not in private?

Khloe’ Kardashian said to me “If you don’t talk about it on this show, they are going to blow you up anyway!” “You should tell your truth, tell what happened from your mouth so no one else can.” I have always had thick skin, but now it is even thicker. They have said the worst things that can be said about me on the internet, so for me, this is not a thing of guilt anymore. I accepted what I have done, I’ve moved forward and stepped up. I hope that people can take this and realize they can do the same thing too. People will always say anything about you. I can say at this point in my life I genuinely do not care about their opinions. Now with this show and my blog, I am able to speak from my perspective of my life. Khloe’ taught me if you put information out about yourself first, it is easier for you to get in front of the story and deal with opinions. This way you don’t feel as if you are being attacked since you released the story first. Khloe’ shared this is how she deals with stories and press.

The viewers will get to learn just a glimpse of your life. Outside of just the physical transformation, what truth would you like the viewers to know about Ken today versus the person who started this journey?

That now I am telling the truth. Before I lied and hid my life.

95% of the people I knew had no idea I went to jail for a mistake. 75% of the people I know did not realize my mother passed away. I could even say 85% did not even know I gained so much weight because I just disappeared. For me, now I can be myself. I don’t have to hide anymore. I no longer have to adjust my pictures to act as if I’m thin. I would lie and tell people I lived in Malibu, CA when I really lived in a run-down hotel in Hollywood, CA. If I am really living that life, now I can post it on social media. Now it is easier since things do look a little more glamorous. Now I can share my real struggles and what goes on with me on daily bases. I no longer have to create lies I can live my truth.

This voyage has been refreshing for your soul I’m sure. Everything is a learned process in life. Everything has a purpose. If you had one quote to leave for your readers what would it state? Second, Can you share in 10 words or less your purpose?

Yes, absolutely this has been refreshing.

My purpose is to influence and uplift others. If I had to leave quote it would state “Be authentic and be who you are, don’t be something you’re not it will take you to a dark place.”

Now that you sought revenge on your life, how do you feel? Most importantly have you forgiven yourself so you can move forward with positivity?

Absolutely! This is a big part of what my trainer Corey Calliet taught me during this process. He shared that I cannot move my past with me. When he shared this, I didn’t. I just took my future with me. I have forgiven myself 1000%. I needed to forgive myself first so I can begin the process of breathing my life. Now my new life is born and I am ready to step into my NEW life, and that new life is the new me.

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