Meet Rising Star Camryn Levert

Meet Rising Star Camryn Levert


Camryn Levert has always been a natural performer. She first took the stage when she was five years old, choosing a Whitney Houston song to sing during a family vacation in the Dominican Republic, after this performance Camryn knew she was destined to sing.

If her last name sounds familiar, it’s because the passion for music runs in the family. Her father is the late R&B singer Gerald Levert and her grandfather is R&B legend, Eddie Levert. But don’t get it twisted, Ms. Levert is an incredible talent in her own right.

The native Ohioan turned Vegas transplant has performed in front of thousands during the span of her career. Taking the stage for the likes of the Cleveland Indians and the Cleveland Cavaliers as well as opening for artists like the OMG Girlz, and Tank. Even though she’s performed for numerous audiences. Levert says that she still gets nervous from time to time.

“I’m always very nervous when I do something, I feel like if I’m not then I don’t know if I’m gonna put on a good show. I’m still learning as of now. I’m still nervous, I’m still growing, but once I get comfortable on stage I don’t want to leave.”

In the next step of her career, Levert is currently in the process of working on her first official EP, titled “Moments.” Levert plans for the EP to be six tracks long, filled with pop and R&B style tracks. So far, Levert has released two singles from the EP, “The Way” and “Let Go.”

“The EP is really positive and about the experiences I’ve been through growing up and being an artist, there’s some fun stuff on there.”

Giving some insight into her creative process on her upcoming EP, Levert said.

“I just reached out to a couple of producers and wanted to get beats and picked out whichever ones that I liked and when I then when I heard the music then I wrote whatever I was feeling in the moment and I’ve never really written before on this EP and it was really cool for me and exciting because I learned something new about myself.”

Even though she’s a star on the rise, Levert says her family makes sure it doesn’t get to her head.

“I always try to stay as down to earth as possible. It’s not that hard to stay humble, I know what its like to have no one supporting you so I always treat every situation and person with kindness.”

While shes steady working on her EP debut and honing her craft Levert is excited to take on 2018.

“This year is looking like #travel and #newmusic I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling and new music out there for people to hear.”

To keep up with Camryn, follow her online at the following links.

Instagram: @camrynlevert
Twitter: @camrynlevert
YouTube: Camryn Levert