Invisible Queen

Invisible Queen


By Nicole Rice

What is that you see that you consider my flaws and not consider the soul of me?

You took me from my home and took advantage of my ability to love unconditionally. Saw the melanin in my skin, rightfully superior, but you literally beat me until I believed I was inferior to you. But that will never be the truth. My skin retains my youth, so I remain the ultimate beauty. But YOU forced onto me my ugliness, and that I was third class, when your women mimic my chocolate exterior and my ample ass. I’m not finished yet. Used my body for your sexual deviance, while my husband, brother and father sat in silence. While my loud cries went on to ears that were not deaf. You spewed your indignation upon me until there was nothing left. Broke me until I was a hollow shell of myself. But I still wasn’t visible to you. But my seeds bore from your hatred they grew. The only thing they identified with was you. I remained unseen, this unsightly thing. I’m invisible, but slightly enough for you to have taken everything from me. You loved my ways, but you hated ME. You ripped my crown from my head and broke me until I laid at your feet. You stripped away my king and left me and my children with no one to lead, that was the only way I could get you to help me. I am a Queen, but unseen.

When my anger showed its face, you demonized me and put me back in my lowly place. My anger was too inconvenient for you to acknowledge the disgrace. Forced to hide my vulnerability under a façade of fortitude, you’d displace me for having a bad attitude. So, to teach me a lesson you’d have to whip me back into shape, put a contrite smile on my face and enjoy the comforts of being a Slave to your will. Enough to keep me content and you in control. Supreme in my being, but my approval you hold. I’m Invisible.