Hypnotizing America with Tim Miller

Hypnotizing America with Tim Miller


From Division 1 Head Football Coach to celebrity Hypnotist, Tim Miller is ready to hypnotize America and the rest of the world!

Tim Miller is not your ordinary guy. He is a one of the biggest hypnotists out right now. He’s all about bringing people together whether you’re White, Black, or Asian through laughter and a great time. From Philadelphia to Hollywood, California. Tim is ready to let the world know who he is and what he truly wants to show the world. This hypnotist is all about laughter, unity and love.

  1. What made you go from the career of an amazing coach of a small division 1 collegiate football team to a Hypnotist?

It was a small division 1 team in Philadelphia; I was the coach of LaSalle University. I was blessed to spend over 20 years as a coach. I was a high school coach when my kids were younger. I stopped coaching 9 years ago and ended up starting a real estate company which I was blessed to be surrounded by good people. The one thing that I missed from coaching was being in front of people. In coaching, I’d be in front of a couple hundred people a day. I’ve been married for 25 years, my wife and I have 3 children. I love to work, my wife suggested I do a hobby; I was always intrigued in hypnosis. While working in real estate, I’d host maybe 1 or 2 events a year. I’d hire a few comedians, and have a fun comedy night. There’d be about 100 people at my house. This was always a great network opportunity. Once being certified in hypnosis, I decided to do a show a year for my real estate client. I first did the hypnotism in my basement in 2015. About 40 people showed up and it blew their mind. I was then asked to go to a small restaurant where 30-40 people showed up. This thing just started to take off.  There’s this website called Gigmasters.  I wanted to have some fun so we put the shows on the website and next thing you know we started getting booked. We were named the best show by national entertainment site, Gigmasters. We started getting 2 to 3 requests per day. I’m in a bi-racial marriage, my wife is black. Our marriage has been very successful. One thing that’s really important to us is that our show is for every single demographic. Not just race, but all ages and religions. A few weeks ago we did a show in Philadelphia and it was 95 percent black. The next day we did a show in northern New York which was mostly white. We want to bring people together. It’s an opportunity for people to come together and laugh together. We want people to realize that there are a lot of similarities; ignorance can be solved by just by having relationships with a variety of people. Our show allows for those relationships to exist. That’s what drives us.

  1. How much input does your wife Michelle have in the Stage Hypnosis Live show? Your pictures on social media, promo shots and videos show you two as a strong team. That’s really nice to see.

My wife is a very smart and intelligent woman. She has an incredible influence on me and on our show. I have a great partnership with her. We’re really blessed right now. Even our kids notice how great of a friend she is to me. We are truly best friends. We love people. We’ve been together for 30 years; things were different back then especially with race. We like to be a good example to people. We have our issues, but we are open about it. We rely heavily on our faith. We use it to bring people together and build trusting relationships. I have a great biological family that supported interracial relationships. There’s an African American community in Philadelphia, Penllyn, who I also call family because they showed me so much love and support.

  1. In your videos of your hypnosis shows, you deliver so much fun energy and positive force out to your audience. In hypnosis acts/shows I was under the impression it was supposed to be mystical and somber not energetic and full of laughter. Is this what makes Tim Miller different?

Certain people think that hypnosis has something to do with voodoo. There’s lots of misconception of hypnotism. Many people that come to our shows think it has something to do with voodoo but no one has left our show with those same concerns. It’s a higher level of yoga, no one can be hypnotized unless they have a desire to be hypnotized. Part of what I do in the show is to motivate people to be the best version of themselves. We all have insecurities; I use energy to motivate people. An hour of hypnosis equals 8 to 9 hours of sleep. Most people are over worked and they’re over stressed. After we have a show people leave with a new experience and they feel great. Hypnosis can re-program our mind to kind of view things differently.

  1. So now your hypnotizing Hollywood!! That’s amazing, all the way from Philadelphia!! Why California?

We were with a different managing company. Our show started to blow up, and we felt we needed more attention. Our show is moving at a really fast pace, when you become really successful you make more money, and you want to be around people you can trust. If not, thins can get ugly. We have a friend named Steve Manning, he is someone my wife and I have been friends with for a long time. Steve is someone that I can trust. He was a part of helping the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Then worked for In Living Color with the Wayans Brothers. He was also Omar Epps’s manager. Things changed in his life, he was in a situation with his 3 young boys where he had to step in full time. We both decided to come out to California, and he ended up reconnecting with lots of important people.

  1. You say you’re going to hypnotize America, where to next?

We’re going to be doing a big show in Philadelphia it’s a 10,000 feet arena. It hasn’t been finalized yet though. I’m really excited about that. My wife and I try to utilize this show for things that are important to us. We’re also going to be doing a show in November; we’re doing it to raise awareness for Project HOME.  It’s going to take place at the Temple University campus. Along with this excitement, we have people in the entertainment industry that are interested in our T.V. show.

We just filmed our first episode and it came out great. Were really excited about it.

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