A Los Angeles Job Fair Specifically Targeted Prospective LGBT Workers


    The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community has a large presence in Los Angeles, but up until now, it does not have much of a presence in the workforce.

    In late June, the LGBT Diversity Job and Career Fair invited more than 50 employers to speak with potential LGBT hires at Los Angeles City College.

    According to LA Independent, the job fair provides job seekers in the LGBT community with a safe space to connect and engage with employers across all industries and sectors.

    “We are honored to sponsor this unique and important fair,” said Phil Starr, executive director of Managed Career Solutions. This event “will help individuals from the LGBT community get exposure to job opportunities and direct interaction with employers without fear of discrimination due to sexual orientation or preference.”

    Approximately 53% of resumes contain false information on them, many of which stem from LGBT workers who fear they will not receive job offers because of their sexual preference.

    “Everyone has the potential to make a contribution in L.A.’s growing economy,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “But too many transgender people are denied that chance because of how they look or how they identify. The LGBT Job Fair is part of a movement to widen the circle of opportunity, by connecting hardworking Angelenos to employers that are unconcerned with their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

    Despite the LGBT community’s large presence in L.A. and other major cities, they still have not been represented as much within various industries.

    “I think we’re doing something really new,” Starr added. “It shouldn’t be but it is. I can’t think of a time when a diversity job fair has really focused on the transgender community.”

    The Daily News reports that employers participating in the fair include Amazon, NBC Universal, the L.A. Fire Department, AIDS Project Los Angeles, California Highway Patrol, SoCalGas, Warner Bros., and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

    “Today, the city of Los Angeles sends a clear message to transgender Angelenos,” Garcetti said, “your voices matter and your experiences count.”